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The DSC Training Fleet

Darwin Sailing Club training fleet

Our training fleet has boats suitable for all sailors designed specifically for training. From kids sailing and twilights to races, you'll find the right boat for you.


The OziOpti is the Yachting Australia preferred training boat for kids from 5 to12 years old. It is a robust, moulded plastic boat with moderate sail area. Being virtually unsinkable and unbreakable it is an ideal introductory training vessel. With their colourful sprit sail the OziOptis have become very popular, sailed with a crew of one or two kids during the ”Tackers” learn to sail program.


The Pico dinghy is a small sailboat designed for sail training and day sailing. It can be crewed by one or two children or an adult. Sailed either with a main sail or main and jib. With a self-draining cockpit, the Pico offers controlled performance with maximum stability. Once a student has completed Tackers 3 or Start Sailing they are able to hire a club Pico for club events or racing (conditions apply).


Originally designed for use by families, the Pacer has developed into a popular dinghy to learn to sail and race, and is a Yachting Australia recognised class. The Club Pacers have fiberglass hulls and are designed to be sailed by a crew of two. The Pacer has a rig consisting of three sails: a mainsail, jib and, for the more experienced, a spinnaker. Once a student has completed Start Sailing 2 they are able to hire a Club Pacer for practice or racing (conditions apply).

Elliott 7

The latest addition to the DSC fleet are our Elliott 7s. These are ideal learn to sail and youth development boats, as well as great match racing craft.  

The E7s were designed for  the task with many features that are focused on the demands of club ownership, providing fun and responsive sailing with a boat that is easy to sail, but providing challenges for those looking to sail very well.

They have become the club boat of choice for clubs building or replacing keelboat training fleets in Australasia and beyond.

These will enable participants to learn bigger boat sailing techniques and, enhanced crew work and drills and are a great boat for all skill levels.


Combining elements of surfing and sailing the Club has a range of 2 to 3 metre boards and a variety of rig sizes to accommodate children and adults. The need for limited equipment, the ease of transport and the thrill of stand-up sailing has resulted worldwide popularity. Windsurfer racing is now included in many Yachting Australia events. Darwin Sailing Club offers windsurfer courses and has equipment for hire to those who complete courses. (conditions apply).

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