Darwin Sailing Club
Adult Keelboat - Skipper

Adult Keelboat - Skipper

Learn to be in full control!

PREREQUISITE: Start Crewing/Helming or Dinghy Sailing for course 1

Course 1* 20 May- 03 June 09:00-15:30

Course 2 31 May- 21 June 09:30-12:30 (Wednesdays)

Course 3 19 August- 09 September 09:00-13:00

COST: $375

*extended for Dinghy sailors to skip basic Learn to Sail, $400

This course is the next step after completing Start Crewing and Helming. Here you will learn to basics of skippering, and at the end of the course you will be allowed to hire a club Keel boat*.

* pre requisites apply, boat hire subject to terms and conditions.

Course Details

When I’m on shore I can……

  • Demonstrate correct use of safety equipment, such as PFDs and safety harnesses
  • Assess risks on the boat
  • carry out basic maintenance on a boat
  • Know what safety equipment should be carried and where it is stored
  • Be aware of Local regulations
  • know the following: general rules, steering ad sailing rules, sound signals, distress signals

On the water I can......

  • Pick u and leave a mooring under sail
  • Weigh anchor under sail
  • Handle a boat in confined areas under sail
  • Berth alongside a pontoon under sail
  • Sail a figure 8 without the use of the Tiller/rudder
  • Sail backwards for a short distance under control
  • Recover a man overboard 

As well as much more!!

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