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Powerboat Handling Certificate

Powerboat Handling Certificate

Learn the skills and knowledge to skipper a small powerboat

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PREREQUISITE:  Start  Powerboating

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The skills and knowledge gained in this program are highly recommended for all powerboat operators. Included is the Australian Sailing Powerboat Handling syllabus (incorporates the licensing requirements in some states of Australia). The course introduces practical driving skills, trip planning, boat maintenance, and safety equipment. Following the course you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to skipper a small powerboat. If you wish to assist in Club events or desire to be an Instructor, coach or official, then this Powerboat Handling certificate is particularly beneficial.

Powerboat Handling Certificate

This one-day course is designed to improve your boat handling skills, especially in confined areas and in swell and waves. You will also learn more about engines and types of craft, and practice navigation techniques on a passage. Required for Dinghy Instructors.

When on land I will ….

  • Undertake passage planning and assess equipment requirements
  • Source weather information
  • Understand powerboat terminology and rules
  • Pre-departure checks, engine and fuel checks

And when on the water I will….

  • Undertake navigation
  • Plan for emergency situations
  • Learn boat launching and docking, basic steering and manoeuvre techniques
  • Man overboard recovery
  • Boat handling techniques in swells and waves
  • On water towing

Powerboat Handling Certificate

Powerboat Handling Certificate

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