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Junior Start Racing

Junior Start Racing

Learn about the complexities of racing

PREREQUISITE: Better Sailing

DATES: Subject to demand, email Training Co-ordinator for more information

COST: To be announced

Course details

Probably one of the biggest challenges that the sailors face is to understand the complexity of racing. This course is designed to equip the sailor with enhanced skills to confidently compete in club racing in most conditions. The course can be completed in your own boat or one of the Club's training boats.

Sailing competencies

When I’m on shore I can……

  •  Prepare and use a tuning and sailing log
  • List appropriate sailing specific fitness and warm up exercises
  • Rig boat for optimal performance in current conditions
  • Mark all sail controls to enable accurate setting
  • Set up mast to suit crew and conditions (optional)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of starting procedures
  • Demonstrate an awareness of basic aerodynamics theory
  • Identify common race course configurations and scoring systems

When I’m on the water I can…

  • Perform over the gunwale capsize recovery
  • Jury rig running rigging and tiller
  • Identify line bias and favoured end
  • Control boat speed at starts
  • Perform starts in accordance with start signals
  • Perform efficient mark roundings
  • Understand boat trim, balance & centreboard position on all legs of the racing course
  • Adjust sail shape in response to changing conditions
  • Show an understanding of the importance of teamwork
  • Observe rules covering starting, mark rounding, overlaps, penalties, on same tack, on opposite tacks and obstructions while racing
  • Identify wind shift patterns, lifts and knocks
  • React to wind shifts to gain advantage
  • Be aware of sea breeze and land breeze patterns

Junior Start Racing

Junior Start Racing

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