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Junior Better Sailing

Junior Better Sailing

Consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in Tackers

PREREQUISITE: Tackers 3 plus 6-12 months practicing skills in Green Fleet and/or Launch into Sailing

DATES: To be announced

COST: To be announced

Course details

This course is designed to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in ‘Tackers’. Techniques are refined to improve your boat control, sail trim and boat balance while theoretical concepts are demonstrated to better understand the mechanics of sailing.

Sailing competencies

When I’m on shore I can ...

  • Identify appropriate clothing to suit conditions
  • Identify and use appropriate safety equipment
  • Perform basic pre-sailing warm up and stretches
  • Rig boat to suit the conditions
  • Identify all parts of the boat and sails
  • Demonstrate correct boat, sailing gear and sail care
  • Correctly rig spinnaker and trapeze (where applicable)
  • Launch and recover boat safely in all wind directions
  • Apply the basic sailing rules while sailing a course in a fleet
  • Identify common buoyage requirements relevant to local area
  • Able to source weather forecasts

When I’m on the water I can…

  • Perform capsize recovery of inverted boat
  • Participate in multiple boat towing
  • Correctly roll tack, roll gybe, sail the boat backwards
  • Set sails to advantage
  • Successfully sail both a trapezoidal and slalom course
  • Come alongside another vessel/pontoon
  • Use spinnaker efficiently (optional)
  • Use trapeze safely (optional)
  • Maintain a position at a mark
  • Identify controls used to adjust sail shape
  • Correctly adjust sail shape to suit conditions
  • Identify wind shifts
  • React by showing an understanding of gusts and lulls
  • Show an awareness of current tidal conditions & identify tidal flow

Junior Better Sailing

Junior Better Sailing

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