Darwin Sailing Club

SailPass (Crew Membership)

What is SailPass

In partnership with Australian Sailing the club can now offer a Sail Pass. Signing up for the Sail Pass is a great way for non-members to enjoy some races (up to 3) with the club and have personal accident insurance (but only for the day) without becoming a member of the club. 

Benefits of a SailPass

  • You have Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance for the day
  • You can access the club as a member on the day you are holding a SailPass
  • It allows the skippers and Crew of racing boats to comply with the “crew eligibility rule 46” in the new blue book

A person may race up to three races in a season, after which we hope that you join our club to continue to race!

The cost of your SailPasses will be deducted from your overall membership fee.

The pass can be obtained by the holder through a simple online system in the comfort of their own home or by coming to the club office prior to sailing so there is no extra work for boat skippers.

You can preselect all 3 dates, or sign up separately for each day you sail. It is a requirement that any non member crewing on a boat during a DSC race hold a SailPass, not only to ensure that you have personal accident insurance, but it also provides us with a record of who is participating in the race and has contact details if an emergency were to arise.

This temporary membership enables you participate in the Club race, access the club facilities as well as provide you with Australia Sailing insurance for the date of issue only.

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club