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Posted on 13 October, 2017

​SHARP Australian Youth Match Racing Championship

​SHARP Australian Youth Match Racing Championship

The DSC Youth Team (Musto) at the SHARP Australian Youth Match Racing Championships, Sydney Harbour

Two weeks ago, the DSC Match Racing team travelled to the CYCA on Sydney Harbour to compete in the SHARP Australian Youth Match Racing Championship. The team of Finn, Malik, Kieran, Kyle, John and coach Mike Hanson packed up 8 weeks of refined sailing skills and headed south. The CYCA accommodated us along with the other interstate teams in their marina.

Our practice sail was blown out by a local squall so we had to wait until competition to really get our feel for the area. The first races were slow in regard to the wind, and our tactics. We did however manage to eventually turn it on, and notched a few wins on our first day. There was no team that dominated the race course after the first day, the regatta was wide open. Although, the local team had a slight edge. The second morning we were first off the dock and warmed up for our first race. Unfortunately, the wind hadn’t shown and we sat under postponement until the sea breeze struck with a vengeance. Our struggles that day didn’t come from the wind, but the umpires. We carried a penalty from most pre- starts. Some were deserved, but some we weren’t so sure of. Regardless of the pre-start mistakes we kept composure and snuck in a few wins as other teams struggled in the breeze. To cap off our atrocious day with the umpires they disqualified us from the final flight as we missed our entry time (late lunch) and collided with the pin.

The third day presented itself with a sunny sky and some shifty winds. We won two of our last three races from the round robin, putting our South-easterly skills into effect. We raced Tasmania for 7th place in a first to two series, where once again we were on the receiving end of the penalties. Results wise, the regatta wasn’t great. But we showed that our team had the skills to mix it with Australia’s best, and we’ve learnt some valuable lessons.

Of course, this regatta wouldn’t have been possible without the support we’ve received from the Darwin Sailing Club and its members. We’d like to thank everyone who bought a burger from us, or entered in our 100-club raffle. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be representing such a great club and we do our best to leave a good impression on our hosts. As well as advertise our unique ‘Darwin style’. A special thank you to Ed, for coordinating our flights, Tom and Lisa who organised our team shirts. We’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts until the very end of the season, as we have more upcoming regattas on our agenda.

John Lynch, on behalf of the DSC Youth Match Racing squad

Coach: Mike Hanson, Malik Taylor, Finn Niemeier, Kieren Schortz, Kyle Bonney, Skipper - John Lynch

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club