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Posted on 24 August, 2017

​Stepping up – The DSC joins the GOOD SPORTS PROGRAM!

​Stepping up – The DSC joins the GOOD SPORTS PROGRAM!

It was a pleasure this past week putting some finishing touches on a number of conversations instigated by Club Member Madeline Legge, Rear Commodore House Derek Cooper and Bar Manager, Lee Harris.

Madeline works for the Australian Drug Foundation, an organisation dedicated to delivering a range of community programs, services and resources targeted at preventing alcohol and other drug-related harm.

In July, the Management Committee endorsed a recommendation to undertake the steps necessary to become Good Sports Accredited Club

The Good Sports Program supports more than 7,000 sporting clubs across Australia, providing resources, training and guidance to help building healthier, more positive club cultures.

Good Sports Accreditation involves a 3-tiered audit and sign-off program. Where Level 1 Accreditation is generally focused on ensuring compliance with existing liquor and tobacco licensing legislation, Levels 2 and 3 are concerned more with the implementation of best practice in terms of written down policies and procedures which support responsible service in areas such as alcohol management, safe transport and smoking management in particular.

In a practical sense the majority of these accreditation requirements are currently already in place at the DSC and include practices such as the following, among others;

  • All DSC Bar Servers being RSA Accredited and over 18.
  • DSC Bar Servers are not permitted to consume alcohol on duty
  • Smoking is only permitted in a designated smoking area.
  • The Club maintains incident registers
  • The Club offers alternative prizes beyond alcohol at Club events
  • The Club provide tap water free of charge
  • The Club currently offers several low / zero alcohol products and substantive food is available for sale at all times we are open, even outside bistro trading hours

Importantly, there are a number of elements which will need to be either tweaked or introduced in order for the Club to gain the higher levels of Good Sports Accreditation. Perhaps the most visible of these will be the removal of the Club’s cigarette vending machine.

Work will continue in the background in coming months through the House Committee who will in turn be making some recommendations to the Management Committee to modify some house rules and also to introduce a number of improved Club policies and procedures.

Beyond simply achieving accreditation, this program will allow the Club to build on what, in many cases, already represents best practice in the area of responsible service at the Club. Rather than something new, this program represents a tangible means of continuing the Club’s long and strong track record of looking after members, guests and our many visitors.

The Good Sports tick of approval should be taken as a strong sign of the Club’s commitment to its community sporting ideals.

Finally, a genuine thank you to Derek, to Lee and of course to Madeline for their efforts to create this valuable opportunity to advance the Darwin Sailing Club.

Kind Regards,

John Melenewycz – General Manager

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club