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Posted on 13 July, 2017

2017 DSC Clubhouse Upgrade Update - Phase 1 completed!

2017 DSC Clubhouse Upgrade Update - Phase 1 completed!

Yesterday saw the opening of the freshly renovated ladies and gents toilets as well as the parents change room. This all but completed the first of the 3 planned upgrades to the Club house for 2017.

While there are still a few minor cosmetic changes to be finalised in the coming weeks however these are strictly cosmetic. That said, the ladies loos are looking great! Special thanks to Robyn Bracken this week for putting in the finishing touches to open the toilets.  

The Gents. A little less opulent than the ladies however, still stylish and functional.

Parents Change room still has a coat of paint and some artwork to be added to the walls however the the Change room and unisex toilet is now operational. 

Photos do little justice to the work done by both the contractors and the ever watchful house committee. All have been working closely to ensure we end up with the best possible outcome.  

It will be a few weeks before work begins on phase 2, which will see the renovation of the toilet block located between the bar and the bistro. Due to a number of unforeseen delays in completing phase 1, a decision has been taken to rescheduled the immediate commencement of phase 2 for 2-3 weeks. While this will undoubtedly delay the finish date of the phase 2 somewhat, it will allow these works to be completed with a minimum of interruption to operations. 

Finally, many thanks to all for their patience as work has been completed on Phase 1. All things being equal the remaining works will be completed in a far more timely manner.

Kind Regards,

John Melenewycz - General Manager


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