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20 March 2018

TC Marcus has gone and DSC will re-open as normal at noon Wednesday.

While DSC escaped TC Marcus with limited damage, the power outages have meant that the club has been unable to be open since Friday. Power has now been restored and the all-important refrigeration is starting to cool everyone's favourite beveridges. Consequently, DSC will be open from midday tomorrow - Wednesday.

16 March 2018

Club Bosun Wanted

DSC is seeking a part time bosun. Duties will include maintenance and preparation of the club’s fleet of safety, race management and training vessels.

16 March 2018

Tropical Cyclone Marcus update!

A Category 1 Tropical Cyclone warning has been issued for Tropical Cyclone Marcus.Marcus is forecast to increase to a Category 2 cyclone in the next few hours. Consequently DSC will close for trading shortly and is expected to re-open late Sunday afternoon. Presently, TC Marcus is expected to pass over Darwin in the early to middle afternoon tomorrow (Saturday).

16 March 2018

This Week's Rule Quiz

This Week's QuizFactsAfter sailing alongside P for some time on port tack, S gybes to starboard tack without breaking rule 15. Both boats continue to sail parallel courses. About two minutes after her gybe S begins to luff. P does not respond to the luff and the boats touch at position 3. There…

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