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02 March 2018

The Rules Quiz 010318

Facts:In races when the first leg is a beat to windward against adverse current and the wind is very light, some boats anchor at or near the starting line to prevent the current from sweeping them downwind. When the wind freshens or the current eases, they pull up their anchors and start to sail.Question…

16 February 2018

Darwin Sailing Club welcomes Defence Force Families to Darwin!

Last Saturday (Feb 10) ADF members and their families were invited to join DCO and command for a morning of fun and information sharing at the Darwin Convention Centre.The Annual expo showcases a range of community groups, government services as well as several Territory sporting and hobby groups to…

16 February 2018

The Rules Quiz 150218

Last week’s quiz answer.A’s protest was over-ruled after appeal.B'sactionsdescribeaclassic manoeuvreinmatchandteamracing,usedtogainafavourablestarting position relativeto another competitor. The essential point is thatrule16.1 applies only to a right-of-way boat, which B, at positions 3 and 4, was…

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