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17 May 2018

Save on Entertainment and help DSC - a Win-Win

Make the right choice and help Darwin Sailing Club raise funds...www.entbook.com.au/9y41459We are raising as much as we can for providing premier sailing opportunities in Darwin by enhancing facilities and infrastructure. You can help us by buying an Entertainment Book or a Digital Membership. Still…

16 May 2018


The first Tuesday night racing for sports boats got under way on Tuesday. Three boats entered. 2 Club Elliot’s and Shaw Thing. At the tightly contested start the Shaw 650 realised the other two were rentals. Rentals are faster! Everyone knows that.

26 April 2018

Back to the Boats “The Love Boat”

Back to the Boats “The Love Boat” What a great trip we had last Saturday evening. “The Love Boat” took off from the Darwin Sailing Club at 1800hr. Past Commodore Peter Bracken and wife Robin, nearly missed the ship, apparently there was a passport issue. Luckily they had their boarding passes.

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