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Posted on 13 July, 2017

Australian Maid Youth Match Racing Regatta

Australian Maid Youth Match Racing Regatta

The inaugural Australian Maid Youth Match Racing Regatta surpassed expectations of competitors and visiting officials, with the universal assertion, "we'll be back next year".

The regatta was convincingly won by the CYCA Youth Sailing Academy team skippered by Tom Grimes, from James Farquharson's RPAYC team with Mitch Evans (RSYS) in third.

The DSC team of John Lynch (helm) Hamish Wiltshire (main), Kieren Schortz (trim), Hu Wiltshire (floater) and Tom Vincent (bow) finished the round robins in third position, but dropped to fourth after the semis and petit finals.

Jed Cruickshank and his Spin 180 team, sponsored by Mission Australia had a good regatta against strong competition, achieving three match wins. This was Jed's first match racing regatta as a skipper, while two of his crew have been sailing less than twelve months.

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The regatta set new standards for Darwin Sailing Club as well as lifting the bar for interstate clubs. It is believed to be the first youth match racing event in Australia with the final series matches fed live to both the DSC clubhouse bar and being broadcast in other clubs, including RPAYC. The finals broadcast is available from the event page.

Sixteen volunteers and staff enhanced the delivery of the regatta and, like our sailors, rose to the occasion, learning new race management and umpiring skills and gaining a better understanding of the match racing discipline.

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