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Posted on 20 July, 2017

Better Governance: Stronger Today and Stronger Tomorrow

I expect the pleasure to be gained sailing off the beach, or savoring the company of friends and family as the sun sets over Fannie Bay has diminished little since the Club formed in the early 1960's.

More recent developments such as the internet, e-mail, electronic banking, compliance auditing and the need to oversee professional staff to deliver service in 2017 however, place significant and unanticipated demands on the constitutional structure of the Club to afford some 1000 members even such simple pleasures.

Sadly, statistics show that those charged with delivering good governance at the Club, like so many others throughout Australia, find themselves drawing from a smaller pool of volunteer ranks. Those who can help out, regardless of experience, skill or willingness to help, generally speaking have less time available to give.

It seems also that there are more rules and regulations to contend with every day and, just to keep committees on their toes, competition continues to rise from all sides for the sporting and social patronage of Darwinians.

Like many volunteer led clubs, the DSC finds itself struggling to maintain strong governance using structures and systems which delivered growth and prosperity even as recently as 15 years ago.

In light of this, successive DSC Management Committees in recent years have pondered the question, "Is there a better way to deliver strong volunteer leadership to the Darwin Sailing Club in a world which affords volunteers less time and demands that time is used with increasingly flexibility?'.

The short answer to a rather complex question is YES! Simply, there is a better way.

An invitation to have your say

On behalf of the Management Committee, I take this opportunity to invite you to one of 3 information sessions which will present a draft committee structure and provide some insight into the perspectives which underpin it. 2 key words here. “Draft” and “Structure”.

Draft - The Committee acknowledges the wealth of experience within the membership and hopes, through these sessions, to provide an opportunity to ensure that any final structure put to the members for a vote reflects as much of the Club’s collective wisdom as it might.

Structure - This Committee, as were its predecessors, are under no illusion as to the work which lays ahead in fleshing out any structure into a set of cohesive, meaningful and relevant roles. Roles which define clearly the responsibilities and relationships all positions will have with each other, and with all employed to support them. It is therefore prudent to ensure a structure is agreed before undertaking the considerable task of adding meat to the bones such a draft represents.

While a significant amount of time and effort has gone into creating this draft, over several years and through successive management committees, the presentation of a draft structure will be the shortest part of each session. 

The genuine intent of these sessions is to further shape and refine what is being presented using the input of those members who choose to have their say.

Each session will present the same material to give all interested a chance to attend at least one session. Sessions are planned for an hour from 18:00 for the next 3 Tuesdays:

  • 18:00. Training Room. Tuesday July 25th
  • 18:00. Training Room. Tuesday August 1st
  • 18:00. Training Room. Tuesday August 8th

On behalf of the Management Committee, I will be presenting and explaining this draft structure and using this as a basis to facilitate discussion in which those present might share their views about the draft, or perhaps about aspects the Committee may not have yet considered.

There will be a number of members of your MC present to share their own perspectives as MC members, Flag officers and of course, as members.

Most importantly your Committee and I will be there to understand your thoughts on this issue. I urge all DSC Members to find the time to have your say.

Kind Regards,

John Melenewycz - General Manager

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club