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Posted on 19 April, 2018

​Darwin Sailing Club - The Club with New Beer!

​Darwin Sailing Club - The Club with New Beer!

In February the Management Committee adopted a series of recommendations related to changing the range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sold in the bar.

Together these changes are aimed at delivering a number of outcomes for the Club and its patrons. These are;

  • Improving the range and quality of beverages available at the DSC in line with local and national trends in the beverage industry
  • Better complimenting the styles and range of food offered through the Waterfront Bistro
  • Continuing to set the DSC apart from local competition i.e. creating a point of difference
  • And delivering the best possible commercial terms over the next 3-4 years to allow the bar to continue to generate profits the Club can use to subsidise Sailing activities.

These changes have now begun rolling out. With a new wine list in the making over the coming weeks, another significant change was implemented behind the bar in the lead up to the Discover Sailing Day last weekend. 

Those approaching the bar will notice several new look beer taps, inside which are several new flavours along with an additional 2 taps added into the members service area.

The changes ‘at the bar’ reflect a significant change of direction behind the scenes. Following the completion of the Club's most recent 3 year preferred beer supply contract, the Club has moved the contract away from Carlton United Breweries (CUB) to now be aligned with Lion Co (formerly known as Lion Nathan) as its preferred beer supplier.

CUB has been a proud supporter of the DSC for many years and I take this opportunity to thank CUB, in particular the Darwin team, for their significant contribution to this Club. It must be said that this was a very difficult decision. To change direction with the Club's most significant commercial partnership, one which has served the Club well over a long period, was not a move that was taken without very serious consideration.

That said, the outstanding proposal presented by the Lion team represented a stronger fit to the 4 objectives I mentioned above and more broadly with the Club's strategic plan.

For the CUB faithful, and I know you are many, by no means does this change spell the end of all CUB products at the DSC. It simply means there will be new products which take pride of place at the DSC bar.

I take this opportunity also to welcome on board Lion Co as the new DSC preferred beer supplier. I look forward to a long and successful partnership which continues to grow the Darwin Sailing Club and Lion’s presence in the Territory.  

Click on the following link to learn a little more about the Lion Co Range, however for the more 'hand-on' beer researchers out there, an icy cold selection of these great new beers is available at the bar, right now, to assist you in your research. 

Did i mention how hot it is today...?


John Melenewycz


Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club