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Posted on 05 February, 2018

Visitors welcome, Your ID please...

Visitors welcome, Your ID please...

Greetings members and friends of the DSC,

An advance apology for a lengthy note. That said, I urge all to please consider the information contained. Some changes at the Club's front entrance will affect all who chose to patronise the Club.


The DSC always has and always will welcome visitors.

Entry records however indicate that in welcoming all, the Club currently fails to comply with obligations under NT licensing legislation. Specifically, as a licensed Club, the liquor license restricts entry and service to members, to guests of members and to bonafide visitors only. NT legislation points to the Club’s Constitution to define what constitutes a bonafide visitor.

Section 6.8 of the DSC Constitution describes various scenarios which qualify a person as a bonafide visitor. Of note, the DSC differentiates between visiting sailors and those visiting socially.

With more than 50,000 social visitors from intrastate, interstate and internationally in a typical dry season, and up to a peak of more than 500 visitors on any given night, monitoring visitor compliance systematically is no simple undertaking at the DSC.


Recent advances in technology have provided a partial solution. Electronic ID scanners are increasingly used in Club’s throughout Australia to ensure better compliance to this standard Club license condition. The DSC introduced ID scanners in mid-2017.

Beyond ID scanners, a number of other steps have also been required over the past 18 months.

At the 2016 AGM members voted to amend the Constitutional structure of membership to introduce a new sub-class known as Temporary Social Membership. Temporary Social Membership was created to allow NT residents living within 100km of the venue, but who are not members, to access the venue in a way that meets the conditions of the Club’s liquor license. 

Signage at the door and staff talking generally with patrons have been getting patrons more accustomed to the notion of a controlled entry to the Darwin Sailing Club.

Perhaps the most significant change required to ensure compliance however came into effect this January. Visitors wishing to enter the DSC are now required to present a valid form of photo ID at the point of entry.

In line with the many other licensed Clubs and premises in Australia, the DSC is now a “No ID, No Entry” venue.

INTO 2018

With these important steps established, the Club has now moved into the next phase of the transition to a controlled entry. From February, all persons entering the DSC and/or wishing to be served at the bar are required to present either:

a) their current membership card, or

b) a visitors sign-in slip identifying them as a recognised visitor for the day.

Staff have been instructed not to serve anyone unable to produce either of these documents.

Significantly, these changes will impact different social users of the Clubhouse in different ways.

If you are a Member (Full, Social or Honorary)

  • All members from this point are required to present their DSC member card to enter the Club, and to do so each time they wish to be served at the bar.
  • The onus is upon the individual as a member to carry their DSC membership card while at the Club. Staff do have a means of assisting those without their card, however this will undoubtedly be a significant inconvenience to members. Not only will staff be required to leave the service station to look-up membership details in the office and create a temporary card, this will remove them from being able to serve other members. Further, the Club’s till system requires the member’s card to activate the 15% member’s discount.

If you are a bonafide visitor.

  • Any bonafide visitor (Section 6.8 of the Constitution) to the Club will simply need to present a valid photo ID at the entrance, receive a sign-in slip, and make this slip available each time they present at the bar to be served.

If you are a visitor who lives less than 100km from the Club.

  • Social Visitors who live less 100km from the Club are afforded 3 social visits under the Constitution. Those wishing to enter the Club for a 4th time in year shall be required to pay a temporary social membership fee of $5 per visit or, to apply to join the Club as a Full or Social member.
  • Social visitors who reach this 4th visit threshold will be given a letter by staff from the Management Committee which provides some information relating to different membership options available at the Club, including Temporary Social Membership. Click here to read this letter .
  • Please note, even guests signed in by members are subject to these requirements.


Throughout February, the Club will be reviewing all processes related to this dramatic change. This review is being undertaken with a view to understanding and introducing the most effective way(s) to manage this requirement with a minimum of interruption to all those who choose to patronise the Club.

While it is envisaged that, in time, this control will be strictly enforced during all trading hours, during this introductory phase the front entrance will be manned, and these new policies strictly enforced, between 4pm and 8pm each evening.

A final note. All Club staff are under strict instruction to implement these new procedures. Anyone with concerns is kindly encouraged to direct them to myself ([email protected]) and/or to the Club Secretary ([email protected]) in the first instance. 

The assistance, support and co-operation of all is sincerely appreciated. 

Kind Regards,

John Melenewycz

General Manager

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club