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Posted on 15 June, 2017

Congratulations to Marine Radio Certificate students

Congratulations to Marine Radio Certificate students

Thank you to NTG - Marine Radio Operators Certificate’

The NT Minnow Association congratulates all successful participants who completed the Long and Short Range Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate course in January this year, run by the Darwin Sailing Club.

We were very pleased to provide six fully paid positions for Minnow Parents who regularly volunteer their time to help keep the fleet safe, whilst sharing duty crew responsibilities.

We acknowledge and thank the Australian Government Department of Social Securities and the then, federal member for Solomon Natasha Griggs, for choosing the NT Minnow Association Inc. as a recipient for a share of the Volunteer Grants round 2015.Four out of the six positions were funded by this grant, and the remaining two by the NT Minnow Association.

Participants included: Di Elson, Joyce Gardiner, Terry Stroud, Greg Cousens, along with Nicholas and Fergal McGrath.

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club