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Sail, socalise and dine in the heart of Darwin

Posted on 20 October, 2017

Sailing vs. Schoolwork - A tough choice.

Sailing vs. Schoolwork - A tough choice.

Rather than sailing over to Mica Beach with mates I could be finishing an assignment. 

Luckily no assignments were pending, so we three set off Saturday morning aided by an early sea breeze making for an easy sail to the other side of the harbour. 

I could think of worse ways to start the school holidays. 

Landing on the beach at around lunchtime we climbed Talc Head marvelling at the view it provided of the city. After spending the afternoon exploring the beaches, grudgingly we decided that we better get home before the wind died at sunset. Only a couple of nautical miles from DSC but no one to be seen on land and only a few yachts and power boats passing well off the beach. 

I highly recommend it if you have the chance to pinch the family trailer sailer. It was a good trial for our overnight trip with four aboard later in the week. Not quite the hard work done by the Youthsail and Juniorsail guys, but we still learnt a bit. 

Yours in Sailing, 

Patrick Wiltshire 

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