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Posted on 23 March, 2017

Div. 1, 2 & 4 news - ORC Club

Div. 1, 2 & 4 news - ORC Club

Amongst other benefits, ORC Club provides an independent basis for establishing fair initial handicaps as well as more accurate results for inter-divisional competitions including the Fannie Bay Bucket.

Application for an ORC Club rating costs $90. DSC have decided to accept as valid certificates up to three years old.

ORC Club uses the same VPP program to generate the ratings as ORCi, but as the name implies, ORC Club is an economical, self-declared, simplified version intended for local level races. The measurement input used to produce Club certificates is not as rigorously controlled as that for ORCi.

Anyone can apply for an ORC Club certificate and use the best information they have available from a variety of sources. When this information is not available, then the default values are used, giving the least favourable rating. Therefore, measurement is encouraged whenever possible to get the most accurate rating.

Applying for an ORC Club certificate

It’s easy to get an ORC Club certificate for your boat. Just fill-out the online form on the ORC website and the data will be processed and sent to Australian Sailing who will issue the certificate.

Note that it is in your interest to provide the most accurate data possible.

Once a valid certificate is issued by a rating authority, ORC Club certificates will be entered automatically into the ORC Sailor Services database, where copies can be obtained and test certificates can be run for proposed changes in measurement trim. However, if these changes to the boat, its spars, sails or crew are permanent, you must contact your rating office to have new certificate issued.

Race management and changes to certificates

DSC’s use of the TES entry system incorporates an automatic weekly download of changes to certificates.

For questions, please contact the Sailing Office: 8981 1700

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