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Posted on 07 March, 2018

The Community Benefit Fund continues to create opportunities for NT Sailors

The Community Benefit Fund continues to create opportunities for NT Sailors

Over many years, the Darwin Sailing Club has been extremely fortunate to secure significant grant funding from a variety of sources. The Mary Woodrow, the Don Rayment and the Club’s Elliott Keelboat fleet are results of such initiatives in recent years. These and other projects have made a dramatic difference to the present, and future, capacity of the Club to deliver Sailing in Darwin.

In recent months the Community Benefit Fund. has facilitated a number of valuable Club improvements. Simply, without this kind of support, these improvements would be beyond the reach of the Club. 

The Community Benefit Fund (CBF) awards grant funding under 2 key streams. The Major Community Grants Program was established in 2008-09 to provide funding support to not for profit community development and improvement purposes. Additionally under the CBF, Community Organisation Grants (small grants) are available to support projects which have the potential to improve the wellbeing and lifestyle of Territorians.

Last year the DSC was awarded just over $41,000 to purchase a new Tractor. “Allan”, as he has affectionately become known has made a huge impact since arriving courtesy of a Community Benefit Fund Major Funding Grant.

Allan continues to make life easier for DSC Sailors since 'he' arrived in 2017 courtesy of a Community Benefit Fund Major Grant.

In December 2017 the Club was awarded 3 additional CBF Grants which will help to put the Club in great stead as we head rapidly toward the opening of the 2018 Sailing Season. These are;

  • CBF: Major Grant – Upgrade of Boat Storage Compound in the inner boat park. Plans are currently being finalised to build a shade structure over the inner boat park enclosure where Allan and the Elliotts are currently stored. Work is expected to start in April. Grant Value - $42,000.
  • CBF: Community Organisation Grant - Outboard Motor Replacements.The Club will be receiving 2 new outboard engines (1 x 8hp and 1 x 30hp) to start the 2018 season. Grant Value - $8160
  • CBF: Community Organisation Grant – Equipment Upgrades. The Club will also starting 2018 with new sails and running for the Club’s Pacer Fleet along with a quantity of new life jackets. Grant value - $ 6247

These grants are delivering great value to the Club and to Sailing during tough economic times in the NT, which makes them all the more appreciated. I take this opportunity, on behalf of all at the Club, to offer a sincere thank you to the Community Benefit Fund for its on-going support of the Darwin Sailing Club.

Finally, I take this opportunity also to acknowledge those volunteers who dedicated their time and considerable expertise to preparing the detailed submissions which ultimately have delivered these great outcomes for the members. Simon Cruickshank and his dedicated training committee (Elliott Keelboats, Don Rayment), Steve Winspear (New Tractor), Derek Cooper (Boat Storage Compound, Clubhouse Toilet Upgrade) and Fiona McManus (Shed, Outboard Motors, Equipment Upgrades). Thank you.

Kind Regards,

John Melenewycz – General Manager

Darwin Sailing Club.

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club