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Posted on 04 May, 2017

Fannie Bay Mooring Area

The recent issue of a new and upgraded Darwin Harbour charts have clarified that the mooring area in front of DSC has recognised the historical use of the bay as a mooring area (with limitations on the time of year that this is permitted).

Despite the long use of the area for moorings, early Wednesday morning an aluminium recreational fishing boat traveling at high speed, collided with one of the new DSC keel boats, causing some damage to the keelboat.

Repair to the keelboat will be undertaken as soon as possible with the costs covered by the club's insurers. These repairs will have no adverse impact on the long term use of the boat, nor its suitability as a one design yacht.

The fishing vessel did no fair so well, suffering extensive damage below the waterline leading to its sinking! A great testament to the robustness of the Elliott boats.

As a further precaution the DSC boats will be fitted with solar powered lights, to assist in their visibility.

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club