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Posted on 24 November, 2017

Harken Youth Regatta Day 1

Harken Youth Regatta Day 1

Tom Vincent Photo

Day 1 Report

The team, skippered by John Lynch, had a great day of sailing on Pittwater. A light easterly filled in to a nor’easter sea breeze throughout the afternoon. The boys had four losses and two wins, with lots of tight racing.

Focus was on getting clean starts and going fast up the course, emphasizing course position and boat speed more than anything. They were one of the quickest boats on the water, but some pre-start errors and course tactical decisions put them out of a few races they could have won.

They finished the day with two wins, seeing a solid improvement in areas, such as pre-start time distance, luffing exits and winning the favored side.

Today the emphasis will focus on getting a controlling position throughout the pre-start in order to win the start.

Live results HERE

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