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Lake Argyle Regatta review

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Posted on 19 April, 2017

Lake Argyle Regatta review

Lake Argyle Regatta review


 Race 1 

 Start Time: 12:45:00

 Cracker Jack Fiona McManus F: 13:25:25 E: 0:40:25 YS: 108 Cor: 0:37:25 P: 1 

 Broome Time Miranda Dibdin F: 13:25:15 E: 0:40:15 YS: 81.5 Cor: 0:49:23 P: 2

 Elementool Brendon Daly F: 13:41:59 E: 0:56:59 YS: 66 Cor: 1:26:20 P: 3       

Interstellar Overdrive Gary Mappas DNF             

 Race 2 Start Time:         14:00:00         

Broome Time Miranda Dibdin F: 14:46:03 E: 0:46:03 YS: 81.5 C:  0:56:30 P 1 Series Score: 3 Series Position: 1st 

Cracker Jack Fiona McManus F: 15:07:04 1:07:04 YS: 108 C: 1:02:06 P: 2 Series Score: 3 Series Position: 2nd 

Elementool Brendon Daly F: 14:46:03 E: 0:46:03 YS: 66 Cor: 1:09:46 P: 3 Series Score: 6 Series Position: 3rd

Interstellar Overdrive Gary Mappas DNF

Lake Argyle Regatta review

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