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Posted on 22 December, 2017

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

A note of thanks,

Before getting to some thank yous for the year, a kindly reminder that the Club (and office) will be open as usual over the Christmas break with the following exceptions;

Monday Dec 25th - Christmas Day - The Club will be closed.

Tuesday Dec 26th - Boxing Day - The start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race will be televised from the lounge. While the Waterfront Bistro will be closed, the bar will be open between 10 and 3pm on Boxing Day for members and guests of members only. A BBQ lunch will be available courtesy of the Social Committee.

Monday Jan 1st - New Year's Day - The Club will be closed.

Tuesday Jan 2nd - While the Waterfront Bistro will be closed, the bar and the office will be open as usual.

I note also that the Sailing Tower will be officially closed after this Saturday until Monday January 8th. 

Before signing off for the year, I would like to a moment to acknowledge but a few of the many important contributions to the Darwin Sailing Club this year. 

Firstly, to thank Commodore Peter Lockett for his personal support as the GM, for his leadership to both staff and committee members and for his steadfast commitment  to the Darwin Sailing Club through challenging times. While never one to seek accolades, he is no less worthy of them. 

To the Management Committee and the Sub-Committees, most notably for mine this year, the House Committee. Thank you for your energy and your commitment which continues to make a difference. 

To the many committed volunteers who turned up this year to give something to their Club, thank you also. There is no Darwin Sailing Club without you.

To the Sailing Manager Ed Vincent, Bar Manager Lee Harris, Events Coordinator Ramon Jenkinson and Duty Managers Roxy Van Woerkom and Sean Williams, I commend you each for your hard work towards improving opportunities for sailors, for members and guests of the Darwin Sailing Club, both on and off the water.

I take this moment to acknowledge an outstanding contribution this year from office administrators Joyce Le Gardiner, Jenny Simondson (the Tourist!), bookkeepers Karen Makrikostas (continuing the fine work in 2016 of Yan Dong Li) and most recently our 'back-up' bookkeeper Bonnie Coulter. Together this formidable team have markedly improved the Club’s administration under the watchful eye of Club Accountant, Tina Jones and of course, Club Treasurer Ian Pollock.

Club Maintenance Supervisor Steve Beard passed a major milestone earlier this year in reaching 20 years continuous service to the Club. A feat which, by all accounts, has not been achieved by anyone else at the DSC. Steve has been ably supported this year by Steve Ballestrin (Steve 2!) and Club Cleaners Yopi and Sonny.

I commend also Peter Lay, the Lay family and the skilled and committed team at the Waterfront Bistro in taking out the AHA (NT) 2017 Gold Plate awards for ‘Best Club Restaurant’ and ‘Best Casual Dining’, the most contested category this year. These are the 6th and 7th Gold Plates respectively for Peter and his team who remain, after 23 years, the cornerstone of the Darwin Sailing Club’s hospitality offering, and at the forefront of the Hospitality Industry in the NT.

And last but certainly not least, on behalf of all at the Darwin Sailing Club, I take this opportunity to wish you, the cyber spinnaker faithful, a joy filled festive season and a prosperous and memorable 2018. 

The Club thanks you for your generous support throughout 2017 and together we look forward to all that the Darwin Sailing Club's 55th season will bring.

Sincerely yours, 

John Melenewycz - General Manager

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club