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Posted on 15 June, 2017

Minnow restoration project thanks to NT Government

Minnow restoration project thanks to NT Government

NTG Grass Roots Grant - Makes Kids Smile

Ageing and unappealing, both Minnows - Minnastropic and Daddy B nervously awaited their fate. With Territory Day approaching, there is good reason for a maligned Minnow to think they might become part of Fannie Bays legendary sunset fireballs come July 1

A ‘Mayday’ call was sent out with the challenge to restore these wooden survivors.Lucky for them Terry Stroud and Greg Cousins stepped up.

Both hulls were stripped back to their humble beginnings to reveal the good, the bad and the OMG!Over a period of three months, (and more hours either will admit to), chines and soft spots were fibre glassed, repairs faired-in and finally repainted in glossy ‘Oh what a feeling’ white!

Up-to-date micro-chandlery has replaced the clunky, leaky predecessors, and to power-up the boats a crisp new sail makes these club Minnows first off the line, for our new Minnow sailors.

There are many contributors to this success story. The NT Minnow Association extends a big thank you to all.

Special acknowledgement goes to the Northern Territory Government with funding granted via Sport and Recreation’s Grass Roots Program.This dollar for dollar scheme paid for four new Quantum sails, whilst the NT Minnow Association paid for the boat materials, paint and parts.The voluntary labour provided by Terry and Greg is paid for in the kids smiles.

All hail the blue sail!

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club