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Posted on 24 August, 2017

Minnow Update

Minnow Update

NT Minnow Sailing Association Update

2017 is slipping away! We thought it was time to touch base and let you know a little about what we’ve been doing.

On 27 May we had our AGM which allowed us to reflect on the successes of the year, and pass the baton along to the next generation of parents whose children love sailing Minnows. Everyone still involved owes a great debt to outgoing members Guy Glover, Peter & Rosanna van den Herik, Richard McAllister, and Peter Pangquee. They are moving on as their children have grown into other classes and their energy is needed elsewhere. We are very grateful for their hard work and commitment to the Minnow class over the last few years.

All of the association’s hire boats are currently being used by new members who are just starting their sailing journey. They get this opportunity in large part due to the efforts of Terry Stroud and Greg Cousens, who poured hours of their time into bringing the boats Daddy B and Minnastropic back to good as new. This is a great example of the healthy community spirit in junior sailing in Darwin.

You already know that 8 boats went down in a Northline container to Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron for the 38th Minnow National Championships in January. This was an experience of a lifetime for the sailors, as they had to sail in a much larger fleet, and in conditions very different to the one’s they are used to. The experience and skills learned at these events provide an invaluable incentive for the sailors to continue their commitment to the sport and a healthy lifestyle.

This season the association has continued its commitment to providing duty crew for the Classic and Point Score series racing. We are giving the Twilight races a red-hot go and are working on ways to give the children other new experiences. They are enthusiastic and sailing at every opportunity.

Check out the Minnows in Fannie Bay (thanks to Launched Media):


All hail the blue sail!

2017 Committee:

Nicholas McGrath(President)
Di Elson(Secretary)
Greg Cousens(Treasurer)
Jessica McGrath(Public Officer)
Terry Stroud(Member)
Sarah Doran(Member)
PJ Doran(Member)
Joyce Gardiner(Member)

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