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Posted on 02 February, 2018

NT Minnow Sailors Make the Most of it in Rockingham WA

NT Minnow Sailors Make the Most of it in Rockingham WA

Congratulations to Thomas Gardiner, the McGrath boys, Jericho Stroud, and Phoebe Wiltshire!

The six DSC Junior members and their families made the trip to Rockingham in WA in early January to participate in the 39th Minnow National Championships. The event provided remarkable opportunities for the young sailors to develop skills, make friends, and have good, old-fashioned fun.

Excluding the Invitation Race, 12 races were run over 5 days on courses very different and more diverse than those the DSC sailors are accustomed to. While winds in the morning were often very light, afternoon wind speeds averaged near 20 knots – with some gusts measured as high as 30 knots! The larger fleet and exciting conditions meant the DSC sailors had to find the strength (and a bit of courage!) to adapt quickly.

All the children pushed their limits much further than they could have thought possible, and the sense of achievement was evident in all the smiling faces on presentation night. It was a great reminder for all the parents as to why they work so hard to encourage their children in this fantastic sport.

Have a look at how well they did on the results page HERE:

Special thanks need to go to Northline for getting the boats there; to team coach Hamish Wiltshire; to all the DSC members who so generously support the children; and last, but not least, to Patrick Wiltshire for being such a champion and helping out with all the hard stuff.

DSC will be hosting the same event in Darwin in July 2019. Get your children involved in the class this year so they can be ready to join in!

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