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Posted on 09 June, 2017

Review of House Rules planned…

Dear Members,

As some of you may be aware, the House committee is responsible for numerous House-related areas at our club, including the administration, maintenance and operations of the club premises. House may also make such rules as it considers necessary for the proper running of the Club.

As the current House Rules have been in effect for several years now, the House committee will be conducting a review of the existing rules and would welcome members’ feedback to assist with the process.

An example of a rule to be reviewed and one particular rule that has been open to some controversy of late is Rule 2f (current version) – which states; “Pets shall not be brought onto the licensed premises at any time.” As our licensed area encompasses the Inner Boat Park, as well as the beer-garden/bistro area, this rule effectively prohibits pets from the Inner Boat Park also.

Some recent comments made at our QGM from several members indicate there could be an opportunity to make some concessions regarding Rule 2f. One suggestion has been that we allow members with pets (such as dogs) to traverse the driveway area of the Inner Boat Park if the pets are under suitable control (such as on leads) and to restrict the pets from running freely amongst the boats and the grassed lay-down area (this area is intended for sailors and their vessels – it’s not intended as a lay-down/play area for pets of any kind).

I feel that there could be some room to move here, as not only a few members’ like to access the beach with pets via this corridor (thus breaking Rule 2f), but we also have visiting sailors from afar taking up our hospitality – some of whom also travel with pets that they may like to bring ashore where permitted.

Certain rules will never sit well with everybody, but some thoughtful compromise at times can save a degree of angst. I therefore encourage all members who would like to have their say to take this golden opportunity to have some input regarding our current rules (and not just for 2f, by the way).

If you’d like to assist with the House rules-review, please put some words together and email me your thoughts at your earliest convenience.

Notes: I’d like to offer further clarification here; Rule 2F is NOT a requirement of our current liquor licence – it is a Club rule. Although House is responsible for the rules – any changes must be passed by the Management Committee before they take effect.

Kind regards,

Derek Cooper

Rear Commodore – House

Email: [email protected]

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