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Posted on 18 May, 2017

Shell Island Classic this Sunday

Shell Island Classic this Sunday

The first of the 2017 season Classic Series races - Shell Island Race, is this Sunday.

First warning signal is 0955 hrs. 

Please note that the course for Division 1 and Division 7 has been changed from the Yearbook. Amended Sailing Instructions will be posted Saturday morning on the DSC website and noticeboard.

Entrants will be advised by email after close of entries at 1000hrs Saturday.

The traditional Classic presentation function will commence at 1730 hrs with presentations at 1800 hrs.

VOLUNTEERS STILL REQUIRED to help conduct the race and provide appropriate safety oversight. Needed are: Flag operator, Time keeper, Scribe, Safety Boat skipper X 1, Safety Boat crew X 3. 

Crew who volunteer for race management/safety boat duty receive their average series points for that race (or races). This will be calculated over the whole series, not the "to date" scores.

If you are able to assist, please contact Sailing Manager Ed to register.

Sailing Instructions HERE

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