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Posted on 14 June, 2018

The Bubbles win - Again!

The Bubbles win - Again!

The annual regatta attracts teams from all around Australia and this year also included teams from New Zealand. The Arafura Bubbles have competed in the last four editions of the event.

The Arafura Bubbles 2018 (Jenny Simondson, Fiona McManus, Robin Knox, Catie Cannon and Emma Stanford) took victory in the hotly contested Division 2 IRC category. Allegedly they were also exemplary performers in the post race celebrations category each evening.

The regatta of six races was consistently conducted in very light conditions, except for the last thirty minutes of the last race, which were described as "challenging" when the wind rapidly increased to around 25 knots. Some called it great for spectators, with several boats being overpowered carrying spinnakers when the rapid change of conditions occurred.

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