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Posted on 16 February, 2018

The Rules Quiz 150218

The Rules Quiz 150218

Last week’s quiz answer.

A’s protest was over-ruled after appeal.B'sactionsdescribeaclassic manoeuvreinmatchandteamracing,usedtogainafavourablestarting position relativeto another competitor. The essential point is thatrule16.1 applies only to a right-of-way boat, which B, at positions 3 and 4, was not.

Atposition4, B,as windward boat,had to keep clear under rule 11,but A could not tack without breaking rule 13. At position 5, B became the leeward boat with right of way under rule11. Had A gybed onto starboard tack, A would have been subject to rule 15 and, if she changed course after she was on starboard tack, to rule16.1. The facts show that neither boat broke any rule.

This week's quiz.


Boa tA 'protested' the race committee because of inadequate rescue facilities in contravention of the club's constitution. After receiving A's 'protest', the race committee abandoned the completed race.No hearing took place as a result of A's 'protest'. Boat B lodged an appeal.

Should boat B’s appeal succeed?

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