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Posted on 02 February, 2018

The Rules Quiz

The Rules Quiz

Rule 16.1, Changing Course


Before the starting signal, the two boats, A and B, reached away from the starting line. A, moving faster, passed and was clear ahead of B at position 3. At position 4, A luffed up to close-hauled, intending to tack back to the line, but she found that B also had luffed and worked in to position where, had A tacked,there would have been an immediate collision. A then bore away to gybe, only to discover that B had borne away into a position where a gybe would again cause collision. Finally, B gybed and  headed for the starting line, leaving A well astern.

A protested B underrule16.1, claiming that she had been interfered with while in the act of keeping clear.


Do you think B is guilty of a rule breach?

Answer next Cyber Spinnaker.

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