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Posted on 16 March, 2018

Tropical Cyclone Marcus update!

Tropical Cyclone Marcus update!

A Category 1 Tropical Cyclone warning has been issued for Tropical Cyclone Marcus. Presently, TC Marcus is expected to pass over Darwin in the early to middle afternoon tomorrow (Saturday).

Under the Clubs Tropical Cyclone Procedure the decision has been taken to trade as usual this evening Friday March 16. Following dinner service tonight however the Club will be partially closed down to minimise the risk of damage.

While the Club will trade tomorrow March 17th, it will be in a limited capacity.

Members are hereby advised however that if TC Marcus is upgraded to Category 2 (or higher), the Club will be closed immediately and will not reopen until such time as the warning is lifted and it is safe to re-open the Club.

Those members who boats in the Inner and Outer boat parks are kindly requested to attend the Club and to secure them as a matter of high priority.

I trust everyone takes this opportunity to prepare appropriately for this significant weather event. 

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Stay safe,

John Melenewycz

General Manager

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club