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Posted on 18 April, 2017

Your club needs YOU!

Your club needs YOU!

Looking for a Unique Way to Support your Club ?

The Management Committee has approved the DSC 2017 Strategic Plan and in doing so have identified a key role that needs to be undertaken on a voluntary basis.This role is crucial to the further development of the club and will help underpin our operations from this point onwards.This role does not require the volunteer to be on a committee or regularly attend committee meetings.

Grants Officer

In recent years DSC has been very successful in applying for grants, whether it be a one off grant for the Elliott 7 keelboats, funds for the Don Rayment RIB or funding for sailing instructor life jackets.With reduced income from alcohol sales, DSC has to look for alternate funding sources to grow the club and sailing in the NT.There is a large number of NT and Federal Government, Council and private company grants available that DSC can tap into.Removing the pokies makes DSC eligible for routine Community Benefit Grants.Conversely there are a large number of improvements and capital purchases required by the club, such as replacement of the tractor, upgrading of toilets, new workshop in the tractor compound etc, which are all ideal projects for grant applications.

This role involves aligning projects with grant opportunities, helping to develop applications and ensuring submissions are made on time to a suitable standard.In most instances you will be managing the application process, with the bulk of the application being prepared by Flag Officers, Sailing Manager or General Manager.

For further details on this role, please contact the Commodore (Peter Lockett – [email protected]) or Rear Commodore Training and Juniors (Simon Cruickshank – [email protected]).

Job description HERE

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