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About racing divisions at Darwin Sailing Club

The various classes of boats at Darwin Sailing Club are grouped into divisions. We welcome all classes of yachts and dinghies to our racing fleet however we strongly encourage newcomers to race in our existing fleets. This helps to build the divisions, ensures good class racing and provides a source of local secondhand boats. It also ensures there is plenty of support to help you get the most out of the class of boat you decide to race. We refer to our boats in two groups:

  • Big boats is a general term for our keelboats, trailer sailors and larger multihulls; they are moored out in Fannie Bay or in Sadgroves Creek, or in a marina, and some are on trailers in the boat park. Big boats are in Divisions 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • Off the beach boats are the smaller dinghies; some spend the season in our boat park, some are brought down to the Club on trailers. Our off the beach boat divisions are based on the yardstick of the boat. Yardstick is a term used for a number of related systems of empirical handicapping used primarily in small sailboat racing. Off the beach boats are in Divisions 5, 6, 7 & 8.


Division 1

Large keelboats and trailer boats

Division 1 boats are typically racing or cruising yachts over 9 metres long, or faster sports boats. Most Division 1 yachts are offshore capable and can participate in events such as the Arafura Short Offshore Point Score series, as well as the Darwin to Dilli and Darwin to Ambon races.

The Division 1 boats also race in the Classic and Harbour series races as well as the Bynoe Harbour weekends. Requiring a crew of up to twelve, there is frequently a call for sailors to assist in running these boats.

Division 3

Large multihulls

The Division 3 catamarans have to be trailered or craned into the water and can be a handful when pushed to their limits.

Although known as multihulls, for some strange reason they all want them to operate on one hull whilst displaying what a great job of antifouling was done on the other hull the previous year. Their size makes them a formidable start line contender whilst they also have some of the nicer creature comforts for day and overnight cruising.

Division 4

Small keelboats and trailer boats

Division 4 is for monohull yachts, both trailable and fixed keel, of less than 9.2m (30ft) in length and generally of less than sports boat performance.


Division 5

Off-the Beach monohulls: AS Yardstick < 130

Tasar, 29er, Laser and similar OTB classes.

Division 6

Off the Beach monohulls: Yardstick > 130

Minnows, Picos and similar performance OTB classes.

Division 7

OTB Multihulls: Yardstick < 72

A Class Catamarans, Tornados and similar fast OTB multihull classes

Division 8

OTB Multihulls: Yardstick >72

Arafura, Taipan, Hobie Cats etc.

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