Darwin Sailing Club

ORC Club

This season Darwin Sailing Club is conducting monohull big boat racing (Divisions 1, 2 & 4) under the ORC Club handicap rating.

Obtaining an ORC Club rating certificate is easy and for the initial certificate - FREE.

Series trophies for monohulls, such as the Harbour Series, Classics and Offshores will be awarded to the ORC winners.

Why use ORC?

ORC has been implemented to provide a statistically accurate basis for calculating the relative performance between various monohull yachts, removing the the estimates of an individual yacht's performance which previously formed the basis of initial performance handicaps. Quire simply, under ORC, the best sailed boat on the day should win.

The rating is a three digit umber, providing good accuracy, while there are both inshore/harbour ratings for races which are essentially windward and return and offshore/coastal ratings for aces which include a significant reaching component. DSC will be using the General Purpose Handicap from the boat's ORC certificate.

Your ORC certificate also provide useful information about your boat's performance, with a comprehensive Velocity Prediction table. This provides target numbers, both speed and angle, for six wind speeds and nine course angles and includes Beat and Run VMGs. The certificate also provides polars for the rated sails across the range of sailing angles.

This is invaluable information for checking whether you are sailing at the optimum for your boat. Remember: the boat that sails closest to it's optimum, the most, will be the winner!

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club