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Fannie Bay Bucket 2019

Fannie Bay Bucket 2019


The 2019 Fannie Bay Bucket will be held on May 4th and 5th 

The Fannie Bay Bucket is a simple concept. A two day – three race regatta. A pursuit start provides each racer with the time they are to cross the start line. There will be three courses, two on Saturday and one on Sunday, with the marks positioned regardless of wind direction. No menu of rating options, just DSC’s Performance Handicap. And for anyone without a TCC, one will be assigned.

It is not a mental or physical marathon. Three races total, from May 4th to 5th. 

Courses are expected to have reaching. The pursuit format mellows the vibe. Outcome almost doesn’t matter. You are always close to boats. The course is interesting. Tactics are simple pass the boats that started ahead and hold off the boats that started behind. Generally the weather will decide if it’s your day.

After each day’s racing there will be a presentation of results at Darwin Sailing Club. Even if you don’t succeed on the race course, the aim should be to win the parties.

You must sail with at least some novice crew. That is a junior sailor, or adult who has no experience, or completed a sailing course less than twenty-four months prior to 4th May 2019. Of course other sailors are very welcome. The objective is to get as many people on the water as possible, particularly newcomers to our sport.


The winner trophy is the highly esteemed Fannie Bay Bucket. You win it – you get you boat’s name engraved on it and it is displayed in a suitably prestigious spot in the DSC club house. This will be decided on low point scoring over the three races - no discards.

Interesting Rules:
• Essentially, this regatta is a pursuit race so slower yachts start first. Of course, the first yacht to cross the finish line is the winner.

• In starting, all yachts will have to rely on sail power only (except when power is needed to steer clear of other yachts).

• If any yachts start ahead of time, 5 minutes, plus the time that they started ahead of time, will simply be added to their elapsed time because recalls are not allowed.

• Those who manoeuvre and handle their yachts out of the congenial spirit, meaning they are being too competitive and aggressive, will be excluded from the race.

The on-shore activities on Saturday evening are a part of the regatta. Doing well here can assist in a good overall result.

• Teams and crews can make protests as long as it will come with champagne!

Entry is open to non- OTB boats which are registered with an Australian Sailing affiliated club or association.

This year the event is again supported by Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association and Mount Gay Rum.

Regatta entry is $50 per boat. As well as the race entry, this includes a Mt Gay cap and two drink vouchers. PLEASE enter at least 24 hours before the first race start. i.e. 10:00AM Friday 27th April, so we can advise every entrant of their start time for Saturday at the race briefing on Friday 27th at 18:00. 

Regatta Briefing: will be held at DSC on Friday 3rd May at 1800hrs.

Race Start Times as follows for the First boat away.

Race 1: 10:00 Saturday 

Race 2: 14:00 Saturday

Beach Games and Party - @DSC 18:00 Saturday

Race 3: 14:00 Sunday

Crew tickets are $20 each and can also be purchased at DSC during the regatta. Crew tickets include: Mt Gay cap & two drink vouchers for redemption during the regatta weekend.

Individual boat start times Day 1:

Race 1 -  HERE

Race 2 -  TBA

Day 2:

Race 3 -  TBA

Sailing Instructions HERE 

Thanks to supporters of the Darwin Sailing Club